Datis Fara Diesel Aria started its activity in 2013 with the thought of change and evolution in the country's road transport industry standards in order to realize and achieve the goals of macroeconomic policies and participate in the country's economic growth. In this regard, the company always tries to solve the challenges and limitations and smoothen the affairs of the customers, and these efforts can be used to develop and accelerate the purchase and satisfy and meet the needs of the customers, especially in relation to the after-sales service as the most important. Enumerate the company's strategy.

what are the advanteges of Datis Fara Diesel Arya?

The latest technology

The new XF series of Daf trucks has become a novel pattern for long-haul transportation. It is a special plan for the development and excellent productivity in the transportation industry. The use of powerful PACCAR MX-11 or PACCAR MX-13 engines made in the United States with the Euro 6 standard, which currently have the most durability, is one of the hundreds of special points of this car. In addition, the new idea of chassis design in a special way, inexpressible visual appeal, incredible comfort and convenience, with a special European harmony, has created the best combination for the user.

High power combined with productivity

PACCAR MX-11 engines with a volume of 10.8 liters and PACCAR MX-13 with a volume of 12.9 liters are six-cylinder in-line engines that are famous for their high efficiency. They have been able to meet the strict standards required by Euro 6 with highest score thanks to the advanced and fully tested technology of the common rail injection system with two high pressure pumps, the new turbocharger technology with variable volume adjustment, the exhaust gas recirculation system, which is a completely innovative method for Better settlement of exhaust gases. Also, the use of new technologies that increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and more saving makes the new generation of these engines stand out.


Eco mode, which is one of the features of these engines, causes a 10% reduction in engine torque in the first 11 gears, which usually does not require full acceleration. To use this option, by just touching a button, the car will be in eco mode, which means saving 1%.

Power at the same time comfort on the roads with our products


The new XF Daf series is supplied with "AS TRONIC" gearboxes with 12 or 16 gears (speeds) manufactured by the German ZF factory, which have numerous innovative functions. Advanced software and smart sensors have increased maneuverability with gradual clutch changes.Thanks to the EcoRoll system, the car can go downhill without changing the clutch and with low engine speed, this feature greatly reduces fuel consumption and increases truck performance and efficiency. In addition, the engine's smart system will shut down after 5 minutes of on-site operation to save 1.5 liters per minute


By using high quality alloys, such as compressed graphite iron in the engine block and cylinder head, the engine parts perform at a high level of quality, reliability and long life. Fuel pipes are installed inside the engine block and cylinder head. The oil filter, thermostat and intercooler are placed in a combined module and all wiring is insulated. The PACCAR MX-13 engine is designed to serve at least 1.6 million kilometers.


PACCAR MX-11 engine and three PACCAR MX-13 models are available, which provides customers with a wide range of power and torque choices. One of the features of the new series is getting maximum engine power at low speed, which means more flexibility, less gear shifting, higher fuel efficiency and comfort and convenience in driving. For more information, we invite you to review the complete specifications at the end of this brochure.

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